How to Contribute

Ostro Project is an open source software project.  Source code is hosted on GitHub.  Bugs, features, and issues are tracked. With these and other resources, you can participate in the project in a number of ways,

Use it

It’s easy to get started using Ostro.  All you have to do is dive into the Ostro OS Quick Start Guide which will explain how to install the Ostro OS development environment on your development system and to install and run applications on Ostro OS Supported Platforms.


Become a Community Member

Join the Ostro Project community.  For most people there is no better way to learn something than to discuss it and teach others.  The Ostro Project provides mailing lists, IRC channels, and a bug database where you can participate with others.



You can look through the Issues, or hop on IRC and ask what people could use help on. Be sure to follow the contribution guidelines as you develop your changes.   Every project could use help with TESTING, REPORTING BUGS, ASKING FOR NEW FEATURES, WRITING ARTICLES, and WRITING DOCUMENTATION