Ostro™ Project Access and Community Support Resources🔗

Here’s a quick summary of resources to find Ostro OS images, source code, documentation, and support systems:

  • Ostro Project Website

    The website https://ostroproject.org is the central source of information about the Ostro Project. On this site you’ll find current information about the project as well as all the relevent links to project material (including this documentation).

  • Image Releases

    Pre-built Ostro OS images for all the Ostro™ OS Supported Platforms are available at https://download.ostroproject.org

    In there you’ll find folders for each of the supported hardware platforms. In the platform folder, you’ll find an .dsk file that can be written directly onto a hard disk or USB thumb drive and booted. There’s also a .ova file for use with VirtualBox.

  • Software Updates

    The Ostro OS uses a rolling updates development and release process using “bundle” technology developed by the Clear Linux* OS for Intel® Architecture team. You can read more about bundles at Clear Linux Project Software Update and about Ostro OS specifics from Software Update Mechanism for Ostro™ OS

  • Source Code on GitHub

    Ostro OS source code is maintained on a public GitHub repository at https://github.com/ostroproject. Check out the README there for more information about the repository and its organization.

  • Documentation

    Project technical documentation is under development along with the Ostro OS itself, and can be found at https://ostroproject.org/documentation. Document sources are stored within the meta-ostro GitHub repo for the Ostro Project. The document sources are processed to generate the website documentation your currently reading but can also be processed to generate a local website that can be read offline.

  • Issue Reporting and Tracking

    Requirements and Issue tracking is done for now using GitHub issues here: https://github.com/ostroproject/ostro-os/issues You can browse through the reported issues and submit issues of your own.

  • Mailing List

    Mailing lists are a convenient way to communicate with Ostro project members as well as other developers interested in the Ostro OS. These lists are perhaps the most convenient way to track developer discussions and to ask your own support questions to the Ostro OS community. Available mailing lists and how to subscribe information is on https://lists.ostroproject.org. You can also read through the mailing list archives to follow past posts and discussions.

  • IRC Chatting

    You can chat online with the Ostro OS developer community and other users in our IRC channel #ostroproject on the freenode.net IRC server. You can use the http://webchat.freenode.net web client or use a client-side application such as pidgin. Communication on IRC is immediate but transient, making it good for meetings or a quick discussion. (IRC discussions are not recorded so it’s better to use the mailing list for open discussions with the community of developers.)