Introduction to the Ostro™ Project🔗

The Ostro™ OS is a scalable open source operating system tailored specifically for IoT smart devices. Out of the box, we provide an OS developer image ready to install on a USB stick or SD card, boot, and then use to learn about the Ostro OS. With this developer image you can build and test applications written for the Ostro OS, and then later build a clean production image for deploying on your devices.

The Ostro OS maximizes the connectivity potential of your devices, and will have a suite of powerful development tools to let you add and configure more features easily. It provides you the capability to manage the multitudes of devices in your ecosystem and most importantly, it keeps your whole IoT world secure.

Key features of Ostro OS include:

  • Linux* OS tailored for Internet of Things applications
  • Intel® Quark™ and Intel® Atom™ processor support
  • Application Framework support for Node.js, Python and C/C++ applications
  • RESTful APIs for System Status and Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) resource discovery
  • JavaScript APIs based on the OCF specifications
  • Security features: Trusted Boot, Applications Memory Isolation and Impersonation Prevention, Integrity Verification
  • Rich set of communication and IoT interconnectivity for Bluetooth*/BLE, WiFi, 6LowPAN, and CAN bus
  • VirtualBox* VM support
  • Customized and configured using Yocto* Project build tools