An Open Source, Linux*-based OS, optimized for the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things has generated a ton of excitement in recent years, it is also a highly complex interconnection of hardware, such as sensors, gateways, drones and robots. As a result, IoT infrastructure is often fragmented and confusing. Not only that, but there are hundreds of IoT operating systems available for developers’ use, making it difficult for developers to know which OS will provide the best support for their products.


It may be impossible to predict how the IoT will continue to evolve, but one thing is certain - developers are in need of an OS that allows them to focus on the exciting possibilities for their ideas rather than getting bogged down trying to force-fit an existing solution to their needs.


With this in mind, we created the Ostro™ Project.  Ostro is a Linux-based open source operating system designed specifically for IoT smart devices. By granting developers influence over the project and access to a community of resources, building IoT projects has never been easier.


Ostro differs from other IoT operating systems in that it drives multiple device-to-device interconnectivity. By supporting industry connectivity standards such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and IoT interconnectivity protocols such as Open Connectivity Foundation (via built-in IoTivity), Ostro introduces more flexibility into the development cycle.


In addition to interconnectivity, Ostro takes security seriously. Many developers of IoT technologies today list security as a main requirement for any operating system mainly because some of the biggest vulnerabilities found this past year have been on IoT devices. To address these concerns, Ostro offers both OS- and device-level security with mandatory access control, cryptographic standards and application and data level security.


Ostro’s value is also a result of its ability to make development and prototyping much simpler by allowing developers to create their ideal configuration and tailor it on the fly as necessary, leveraging the power of the Yocto Project tools. Ostro provides an optimized sensor and application framework so developers can easily add more sensors and functions to their IoT devices.

Overall, Ostro will enable developers to directly shape the role smart devices play in the IoT market. Help us enhance the project even further by becoming a part of the Ostro community. Visit us at to get started today.