• NOTE: Ostro Project is reaching END OF LIFE and will be shut down. More information will be published soon regarding the End Of Life process.


    Welcome to the Ostro™ Project - an open source reference Linux*-based operating system built using Yocto Project tools. Ostro OS is tailored for IoT smart devices so you won't need to force-fit a general Linux OS to suit your IoT device or write your own OS. The Ostro OS is simple for existing Linux users to adopt and it conveniently provides an application framework that supports multiple developer languages. It is out-of-the-box ready to install and has powerful features that easily support IoT device development.


    Ostro Project provides simplified access to complicated IoT required constructs including pre-configured and validated sensor support, various level of security mechanisms, and communications and interconnectivity protocols such as Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) via built-in IoTivity support. Ostro OS is both expandable and customizable. The base OS image can be used as-is or configured without recompiling for faster developmentTwo reference images are available: the base Ostro OS (for headless devices) and Ostro OS XT (eXTended for devices with graphics and media support).






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An Open Source, Linux*-based OS, optimized for the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things has generated a ton of excitement in recent years, it is also a highly complex interconnection of hardware, such as sensors, gateways, drones and robots. As a result, IoT infrastructure is often fragmented and confusing.